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Elevator Smoke Containment

Professional Elevator Smoke Containment Systems

elevator smoke containment systems
elevator smoke containment systems
elevator smoke containment systems

Elevator Smoke Containment for San Antonio & Austin

A fire emergency is something that nobody wants, but you can ensure that your building is prepared for such an event. Through our partnership with Door Systems Inc., we are now about to install, service, test, and repair elevator smoke containment systems in the San Antonio and Austin areas!


Unlike other products on the market, our elevator smoke containment system is also fire rated. The smooth controlled descent of our elevator fire rated smoke curtain system works on a gravity fail safe technology that requires no power to close and is fully synchronized with the building’s fire and life safety system.


Our systems also incorporates a battery back-up feature with an emergency curtain up button located on both sides of the elevator cab, which insures easy access from either side of the elevator cab in an emergency situation. When the button is depressed the curtain will automatically deploy back down to the closed position until the fire alarm is cleared.


Contact our team today to get a free quote for your elevator smoke containment system. While we’re out, we can also offer professional maintenance to your other operable partition systems, as well as many other services for your space. Don’t delay. Reach out to the professionals at Specialty Building Services today!

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