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Event Planning During a Pandemic

event planning during a pandemic operable partitions

Event Planning During a Pandemic

Even before the global outbreak of COVID-19, it was tough to plan a fun and entertaining event! Now, you’ve got an entirely new challenge on your hands: planning an event your audience will remember that’s safe, accessible, and engaging!

Despite the new health restrictions, it’s still as important as ever to connect with our friends and family members. Many people have lived in isolation for months over the last year. An event can bring people together and provide a positive, uplifting experience—which is something we all need right now!

But how do you design the layout of your event to allow for physical distancing? Consider these tips when event planning during the pandemic:


Virtual Events or In-Person?

This question is a contentious one, and you must weigh the unique factors of your situation carefully before making your decision.


Virtual Events

Just because your event is virtual doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! Try out a few of these ideas to make it a memorable occasion:

  • A cook-off. Send out ingredient kits and a recipe to each of your attendees. At the event, everyone will try to create that dish in their own kitchen. Compete to see who does the best job!
  • An arts event. All guests will need a blank canvas, paint, and brushes. Host an art event where visitors try to recreate a painting or follow a tutorial. 
  • A magic show. Let your attendees sit back and enjoy the show! Hire a virtual magician to impress your guests with jaw-dropping tricks.

Virtual events may not be your thing—you might worry that attendance will be low or that you’ll encounter Internet issues during the stream. 

We’ve put together some tips for safely hosting an event in person:


In-Person Events

If you’re planning an in-person event, you may need to brace yourself for potential delays. Stay up-to-date on the latest restrictions and adapt your event accordingly—you may need to make last-minute changes.

Public health orders could change in the weeks leading up to your event, causing you to postpone it. We recommend holding off on purchasing perishable food until you’re certain that the event will take place!

Enhance the safety of your event with disinfection services, which are a must for any public gathering. Before and after your event, hire a cleaning team to thoroughly disinfect areas like the chairs, tables, and washrooms.

Most attendees won’t be able to travel to your event, which is something else to keep in mind. Your audience will be limited to those in the vicinity.

This allows you to get the best of both worlds by hosting a hybrid event—some participants may choose to attend in-person, while others can watch a live stream from their homes.


How Do You Promote Physical Distancing at Live Events?

Now that more and more people are getting vaccinated, it’s becoming feasible to host in-person events again. However, you’d still like to ensure that the gathering is safe for everyone. How can you do it?

The key factor here is in the layout of your event. The way you arrange seating areas can promote a healthy distance of 6 feet between attendees.

One way to accomplish this is to install movable walls. The portability of these walls allows you to adapt your structure from moment to moment. By choosing movable, glass walls, your attendees can still see each other, but there will be a barrier between them for protection. 

Using these walls, you can space out each seating arrangement so that all your visitors feel comfortable and safe. After your event concludes, it’s easy to remove these walls and rearrange them as needed!


Planning an event during a pandemic takes careful foresight, caution, and an adaptable mindset. You’ll need to hone your skills as a planner to make your event a success.

With movable walls, you can design an event layout that’s spacious and safe. At Specialty Building Services, we can help you with that. Our movable walls provide the versatility that your event needs to maintain safe physical distancing.

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