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Kwik-Wall is Growing

Kwik-wall panelfold installation texas operable partitions

Kwik-Wall is Growing

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these difficult and unprecedented times. That being said, we also wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the exciting things that are currently happening with one of our major suppliers, Kwik-Wall!  As most of you know by now, Panelfold, based in Miami, FL, stopped producing panels around October 31st.  There was a liquidation auction November 21st & 22nd at Panelfold.  In a way, it was very sad to see; on the other hand, it is an extremely exciting time for Kwik-Wall and distributors like Specialty Building Services!

Although Kwik-Wall was not the winning bidder on the intellectual property, they were able to speak with the two main engineers before and during the auction.  Those engineers have many projects that have been developed that were NOT part of the Panelfold intellectual property rights.  Things such as electrically operated expander mechanisms, electrically operated bottom seals, a new steel track system with brackets and soffit, new manual expander mechanism that will travel up to 2’, new concealed hinge and adjustable bracket design, etc.

This is the best part of all.  During the conversations over the three days Kwik-Wall was at Panelfold, the team became very comfortable with the engineers’ ability to help Kwik-Wall’s design efforts.  They have come to an agreement with Gilberto Amador, a mechanical engineer that was with Panelfold 20 years, Pablo Mora, a prototype builder and line supervisor for 19 years and Kenny Martinez, a PLC (programmable logic circuit) programmer and prototype builder for 5 years.  They have all agreed to join the KW team!!!  Implementing their design changes may take some time, but we are excited to have hired these experienced engineers to help with the process.

More exciting news!!  During Panelfold’s issues, conversations started with Ed Reed about how he may be able to help Kwik-Wall get into specifications more often.  As some of you know, Ed has been in the operable wall industry over 40 years, starting his career at Holcomb and Hoke, aka Foldoor, in Indiana.  During his operable wall career, Ed has worked for Panelfold for nearly 20 years.  He also had a stint at Kwik-Wall under prior management.  Ed accepted the offer to join Kwik-Wall and will remain living in North Carolina.  His focus will be helping penetrate the architectural community to get KW in the specification in very specific markets.

For all your Kwik-Wall and operable partition installation and service needs, be sure to contact our team to get a free quote or schedule your service. Our team is here for you, and with these new additions to the Kwik-Wall line of products, you can bet there will be some new and exciting offerings hitting the market soon!

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