Why Operable Wall Maintenance Matters | Specialty Building Services
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Why Operable Wall Maintenance Matters

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Why Operable Wall Maintenance Matters

Accordion walls and folding walls (or operable partitions, as they’re known in the industry) are becoming increasingly common in the San Antonio and Austin areas as more buildings are moving to a more free-flowing, multi-use type of layout. With the increase in these extremely useful and versatile partitions, the importance of keeping them properly maintained and operating correctly has continually increased.


With most operable partitions from major brands like Hufcor, Modernfold and Kwik-Wall are designed to provide exceptional versatility, usefulness and simplicity. However, with all the moving parts and elements involved, the components of these walls do wear down and require replacement and service. However, getting your operable walls and movable partitions professionally maintained is a great way to limit the amount of downtime these systems experience and lower the likelihood of a major repair.


Maintenance for your operable partitions and acoustic walls is similar to performing routine maintenance on your car, HVAC system or garage door – properly maintaining your folding walls will not only help keep them functioning correctly and looking great, but will also go a long way toward avoiding major issues down the road. You technically can avoid doing routine maintenance on your system, but that increases the likelihood of major issues tenfold.


Don’t risk your system by not properly maintaining it. Call the operable wall maintenance experts at Specialty Building Services today. We offer a wide variety of services to ensure that your system operates at its highest capacity and will last for years to come. However, when maintenance isn’t enough, we also offer professional operable wall repair services to get your broken down system working again and get your venue back to running at full speed.

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