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Operable Wall Venues We Service

San Antonio Accordion Wall Repair Hotel Partition Service Austin Conference Center Acoustic Wall Maintenance New Braunfels Ballroom Dividers repairs

Operable Wall Venues We Service

These days, operable walls and partitions are found in all types of venues and facilities. No matter what brand or manufacturer of airwall and accordion walls that your venue uses, the expert team at Specialty Building Services is equipped to handle all types of accordion wall repairs and operable wall service across San Antonio and Austin.


Hotel Folding Wall Service San Antonio Operable Partition Maintenance Austin Accordion Wall Service New Braunels Movable Partition Repairs San Marcos

Many of the projects that we service are in specialty venues that rent out their space. For example, we often repair damaged hotel ballroom walls. These operable partitions can be extremely tricky to maintain and service, and repairing them is often critical as it allows the hotel to partition off the ballroom space for various events at the same time. When your hotel ballroom dividers are damaged, call the experts at Specialty Building Services because we have over a dozen years of experience specifically servicing hotel ballroom divider walls.


Conference Center Acoustic Wall Repair San Antonio Convention Center Room Divider Wall Maintenance Austin Hotel wall service San Marcos

We also frequently repair conference center airwalls. Much like the hotel ballroom airwalls, conference centers use these accordion walls to partition different sections of their conference center off for various events to run concurrently. The conference center acoustic walls and room dividers are usually taller and larger than the typical hotel ballroom room partitions and require a different type of approach to repair and service. If your conference center operable partitions are stuck, off the track, or the panel is damaged, our team of dedicated conference center movable wall repair experts can handle any type of issue and get your venue up and running again in no time.


School room divider repair san antonio operable wall service austin accordion wall maintenance san marcos classroom divider new braunfels

Finally, we also service a huge number of school room partitions. Many of the larger school districts set up classrooms with acoustic walls and accordion walls between classes in a multi-purpose building. If these walls get damaged (and let’s face it, school walls can be put through the ringer), our team of school room partition repair experts would be ready and willing to handle any sort of repair or service. We even offer maintenance plans to help prevent costly repairs.


No matter what type of venue you have, what brand of operable walls are in that venue, or how intense the repair job, our team of operable wall repair specialists are here for you. Contact our team today and we’ll happily get you a free quote for your accordion wall service.

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